3.79 liter of water uses to produce one almond nut

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3.79 liter of water uses to produce one almond nut

Families in California uses less indoor water that the almond producing farms. Golden state almond consume 4.06 trillion liter of water every year for 1,020,000 acres of almond farmland. The almond industry become so water intensive, it causes huge concern of water shortage in California.

Here are some of main point need an attention (brain storming purposes).

1. California went through 11 drought in past 15 years. More coming..

2. Salt in ground causes Salt-burned leaves, smaller nuts & killing trees, if less water uses.

3. Drought may change the land escape, if no strong conservation of sweet water.

Dubious ecological footprint is created by Almond grower from all over the world. It also certain extend threatened our planet. Do you have "Nut Case" into your brain to use 3.79 liter of water to produce one nut?. where are the law makers and environmentalist? Did money take away your human instinct? Why do not we belongs to the animal, that does not talk. For a reminder that, "we (human) are the one of top and best intellectual creature among all living beings on earth"

Red Palm oil, TOFU/SOY based, Salmon fish, Coconut water, Yogurt, Blueberries & so on also contain a good source of protein, packed with antioxidant.

Those ingredient can fulfill the mighty almonds nutrient, at the same time can help our planet to conserve sweet water for future human survival.

As a blog writer, my earnest request to all please help our beautiful planet, where you find dis-balance and abuse.