100 best websites - Useful and Handy

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100 best websites - Useful and Handy

1. Prezi.com - Be a great presenter
2. Pinterest.com - find and save all the things that inspire you

3. instagram.com - Publish your pictures realtime directly to the page using smart devices
4. vimeo.com - Create and share your interactive presentation, slideshow etc

5. ninite.com — Download free softwares as per your need
6. squirt.io — Speed read the web one word at a time

7. shouldiremoveit.com — Find out which applications you should remove from your computer
8. avoidhumans.com — Find places to go in public that are not crowded

9. keybr.com — Practice your touch typing
10. oldversion.com — Get old versions of software

11. readability-score.com — Find out how readable text is
12. deadmansswitch.net — Have emails sent when you die

13. mint.com — Budget your money
14. roadtrippers.com — Plan your route with the best lodging and attractions

15. duckduckgo.com — A search engine that is not following you
16. padmapper.com — Maps out possible apartments/homes that fit your criteria

17. Zillow.com — Another great source for finding your next home
18. PrintFriendly.com — Make any webpage print friendly

19. PrintWhatYouLike.com — Print precisely what you want from any webpage
20. Privnote.com - Write a note to someone that will self-destruct after they read it

21. FreeCycle.org — A network of people giving away free stuff in their towns
22. CouchSurfing.org — Crash on someone’s couch anywhere in the world

23. RecipePuppy.com — Search for recipes based on the ingredients you have
24. Pipl.com — A search engine for finding people

25. Charitynavigator.org — Evaluates various charities
26. Newsmap.jp — Popular news headlines

27. radioreference.com — Listen to radio channels across the nation
28. jimmyr.com — Link aggregator

29. wolframalpha.com — A computational knowledge engine
30. heavens-above.com — Follow satellites and constellations

31. whatismyip.com — Figure out you I.P. address
32. spreeder.com — Improve reading speed and comprehension

33. simplynoise.com — Listen to white noise
34. camelcamelcamel.com — Tracks prices for any product

35. ptable.com — An interactive periodic table
36. reatailmenot.com — Find coupons for just about anything

37. searchtempest.com — Search all of craigslist with one search
38. join.me — Peek in on somebody’s computer screen

39. thistothat.com — Find out the best way to glue this to that
40. woorank.com — Find out what your website is missing, how you can improve it, and how to make Google recognize it better

41. scribblemaps.com — Draw on maps then share them with friends
42. mailvu.com — Video email

43. rhymer.com — Online rhyming dictionary
44. homestyler.com — Design your dream home

45. wetransfer.com — An easy way to send big files
46. pastebin.com — A place to paste text

47. idlekeyboard.com — Make it sound like you are hard at work
48. box.com — Simple and secure sharing

49. seatguru.com — Find out where the best seats are on your plane flight
50. unlistmy.info — Find out which websites store data about you, and tell them to unlist your info

51. twofoods.com — Compare two foods
52. gasbuddy.com — Find local gas prices

53. sleepyti.me — Plan out your sleep schedule better
54. ripetrack.com — Find out when certain fruits are ripe

55. listverse.com — Listverse is favorite of the many sites devoted to latest stories,covering all categories with top 10s of exquisite detail and research
56. paperbackswap.com — Swap books with others

57. swole.me — Plan out your meals better
58. weatherspark.com — A graphical look at the weather

59. network-tools.com — Various network tools
60. amazon.com — The best place to buy things online

61. writecheck.com — Correct grammar and check for plagiarism
62. wakerupper.com — Send yourself a wake-up call

63. pcpartpicker.com — Plan out your next PC build
64. nophonetrees.com — Talk to an actual person instead of a machine when you call customer service

65. loads.in — Find out how long it takes websites to load
66. calorieking.com — Find nutrition information on various foods

67. manualslib.com — A database of PDF manuals for various products
68. eatthismuch.com — Create meal plans to meet your nutrition targets

69. keepmeout.com — Lock yourself out of time wasting websites
70. glassdoor.com — Research what it is like to work with certain companies

71. makeuseof.com — Make use of anything at your choice
72. gfycat.com — Upload your gifs

73. youconvertit.com — Convert documents from different format
74. dropbox.com - Cloud storage for any devices as per you need

75. onedrive.com - 7GB of free storage for anything you need
76. Curious.com - provide an uncommonly inviting place to teach and be taught

77. slideshare.net - upload your book or presentation
78. brainshark.com - upload power point, video, document, podcast of your choice

79. livestream.com - Broadcast live from your phone
80. translation.paralink.com/translator/ - online translator for different languages

81. netflixroulette.net — Find something random to watch on Netflix
82. Groveshark.com - Choose your music, make playlist and share

83. forvo.com - Using audio clips, Forvo tells you how to pronounce things
84. ed.ted.com - Lessons worth sharing

85. whattheflicka.com - A site for Moms and Women to share tips, tricks, & hard-earned advice from one girl to another!
86. tend.com - parents, kids and family

87. shutterbean.com - Food, photography and pretty things
88. supersimplelearning.com - Supper simple learning

89. kidrex.org - Safe Search for kids by kids
90. scifi.stackexchange.com - Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for science

91. hodinkee.com - Hodinkee is a beautiful, imaginative site devoted to watches
92. thewirecutter.com - a list of the best technology to buy as determined by dozens of hours of research and testing

93. outgrow.me - the marketplace for successfully crowdfunded product
94. distancetomars.com - Distance to Mars is a beautiful, clever site that does one thing

95. coffitivity.com - Coffitivity masterfully re-creates the sensation of being in a cheery coffee shop
96. watch.everythingisterrible.com - Sturgeon’s Law famously states that 90% of everything is crap. Spend too much time at Everything Is Terrible

97. mentalfloss.com - it’s been as a repository for odd, wonderful, interesting stuff
98. mentalfloss.com - it’s been as a repository for odd, wonderful, interesting stuff

99. bhg.com/decorating/do-it-yourself- it’s been as a repository for odd, wonderful, interesting stuff
100. hints-n-tips.com - Hints and Tips