Al-Quran (Arabic-Bangla) : Noble Quran Bangla Translation with Arabic Recitation.
Arabic Recitation by Abdullah Basfar -
Bangla Translation read by Abu Abdullah

Bengali Translation Source: “Al Quraanul Karim” – Translated by Mufti Mohammad Mohiuddin Khan, Published and freely distributed by His Excellency King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz (Khademul Haramine Shareefine), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

* Translation source for [036 Ya-Seen, Aya 36]
Al-Quranul Karim: Sorol Anubad. Publication: Islam Prochar Bureau, Rabwah, Riyad, Saudi Arabia. at

Quran (Surah 1 to Surah 114) with Bangla Translation

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